Dealers and their spaces as of 3-13-18 - See the On-Line Map   APRIL 21st and 22nd Show
http://www.tannersreno.com/floorplan.htm     Some Vendors and Spaces are Tentative
Dealers, please verify your specialty and let me know of any changes - dan@antique-antics.com  
Business Name Name Booth Number Specialty
Rosebud Antiques Jan and John Leach 1,2,3 Antiques and Collectibles
  Larry Nicholson 4,5 Antiques and Collectibles, Steampunk Lamps
Sylvia's Sterling Sylvia Davis 6,7,8 Sterling Silver matching service
  Eileen Cohen 11 Antiques and Collectibles
  Katie Ritter 12,13 Antiques and Collectibles
Treat Yourself Roberta Hudson 14 Kettle Corn and Gourmet Nuts
  Melenda Sinclair 15 Fabric Crafts and Vintage Antique Pictures in Large Frames
Treasure of the Sierra Madre Antiques Glenn Movey 16,17,18 Antiques and Collectibles
  Carmen Navaro 19 Antiques and Collectibles
2 Spirits Trading Ken Osborne 20,21 Western Collectibles & Native American Jewelry
  Mike Holland 24 Antiques and Collectibles
  Petra Verzosa 25,26 Costume Jewelry, Art and Toys
Outdoor Plus Digital Photo Lab Inc. David Staley 28 Photography and Vintage Photo  Restoration
  Don Zeller 29 Jewelry
  Doug Harper 30 Sports Memorabilia
  Ali Mohsini 31,32,33,34 Antique Furniture
  Rhonda Wilson 35 Antiques and Collectibles
  Dottie Rhodes 36 Victorian Lampshades
  Paul and Terry 38 Antiques and Collectibles
  Kathleen Albano 39,40 Antiques and Collectibles
Classic Nevada Nadia Beekun 41 Stamps and Collectibles
  Veronica Carr 41A,41B Antiques and Collectibles
  Craig Forster 42 Antiques and Collectibles
Scentsy Sandy Johnson 43 Scentsy Candles
  Don Feuerbacher 44 Antiques and Collectibles
  Elmira Copeland 45a Native American Crafts
  Jade Tourville 46 Antiques and Collectibles, Small Furniture
  Barbara Williams 49,54 Antiques and Collectibles
Peppertree Gifts Rose Ann Capriotti 50,55 Antiques and Collectibles, Fused Glass Jewelry
  Dave Lockhart 51 Antiques and Collectibles
  Barbra and Rich Kaloostian 56 Antiques, Custom Knives, and Crafts
Weathervane Auctions Jimmy  and Sam Brocklesby 57,68,62,63 Antiques, Collectibles, Mineral Specimines,Toys and Novelties
SA Design Studio Susan Tomsha-Miguel 59,60,65 Vintage and Antique Lighting, Jewelry and Furniture
LunaBee Bath & Body Brittany Oskouie 61 Soaps, Body Butters, Lip Balms, Candles, Wax Melts
Misbeehaven farms Stacey Grimes 64 Raw Local Honey, Jams, Jellies, Baked Goods and Energy Balls
Reno Dave / Earth to Jewels Dave Johnson, Cat 66,73 Rainbow Obsidian, Quartz Crystals, Sterling Silver Jewelry W/Gemstones
  Tim Ritter 67,68 Antiques and Collectibles
Southwest Designs Serena Bryce 69 Blankets, Dream Cachers ,Jewelry & boxes, Purses, Knives, Toys +
  Janis Michell 70,75 Antiques and Collectibles
  Debbie Nodulski 71,76 Art, Antiques, Ephemera, Glassware
  Glen Butler 72 Antique Watch Repair
Benevolence Jewelry & Art Kristy & Justin Haskey 74 Upcycled/recycled vintage flatware jewelry & art
  Brooke Kennedy 77 Antiques and Collectibles
  Margaret Scarborough 78 Antiques, Collectables, Clothing, Hats, Jewelry
  Inga MacQuire 79 Antiques and Collectibles
The Bakery Gallery Mary Kropelnicki 83 Yerington Bakery - Baked Goods
  Linda Isaac 84 Hot Pads, Baby items, Towles and Blankets
  Darlin and Len 80 Pyrex Bowls, Vintage Toys Plus
Deal Days USA John Mikelonis 82 Jewelry & Mineral Specimens
Rosi M Designs Rosi Myers 86 Custom Wire Wrapped Jewelry
  Mike Valentine 87, 88, 92, 93 Antiques and Collectibles
  Bob and Kathy Craig 89,94 Antiques and Collectables, Marbles, Walking Sticks 
The Recreate Jennifer Brown 90 Arts & Crafts made of gems, natural stones, glass, metals
  Barbara Eustaquio 91,96 Vintage and Antique Furnishings
  Deborah Varela 95 Depression Glass Antique Gum Ball Machines
  Kathe Quinn 97 Antique Furniture and Smalls, Glass, Collectibles, Books
  Steve Cavallero 98 Antiques and Collectibles
A.L.M.A Girls Elizabeth Spezia 99a Butter Super Soft Leggings and small crafts
Truckee Meadows Quilters Mary Bruun 99b Charity Quilt Raffle
  Cathy Medina 100,101 Furniture, Antiques and Collectibles
  Marcie Christenson 102 Jewelry, Glass art, Picture frames
  Karla Macleod 103 Food Products, Prepackaged Olives, BBQ Sauce +
  LaVone Gelder 104 Antiques and Collectibles